Frequently Asked Questions

Will a quote cost me?

For our standard designs with minor modifications (and one site visit), no - once we know exactly what you want, we will be able to provide you with an estimate. Please refer to 'Can I make any changes to the design?' for further information should you wish to alter any of our standard designs. Further site visits if required will incur a small fee depending on location.

Can I make any changes to the design?

Yes, although the size and overall shape of the buildings presented in this web site are standard, variations are almost endless! Some of the more simple changes are;

  • Windows and doors wherever and whatever you want (limited only by requirements of structural sufficiency and energy efficiency requirements).
  • Your choice of colours for windows, doors, external cladding's, roof and gutters.
  • Internal layout in general.
  • Mirror reversal of the whole building and stairs internally including fitment layout within the building.
  • Location and size of decks.
  • Cavity sliding doors to avoid wasting precious door swing space.
We will try our best to achieve your desired results, however substantial changes to the design will incur a re-design fee. Please note that this re-design fee may be billed seperately (at a very fair rate) should you not wish to proceed further. Any design, or re-design work remains the intellectual property of Missing Link Cabins and Cottages. Talk to our team to appreciate the overall versatility of the Missing Link beyond this website presentation.

Can you take my building to completion?

Yes, we can project manage your building to full competion, however you will need to occasionally liase with our builders (i.e. selection of fit out components), as this component is contracted to them. Once you have decided on your fit-out preferances we oversee the building to ensure it's completed to your satisfaction (you deal with us, and we deal with the builders!).

How long do your buildings take to erect?

Generally, after the chosen footing system is ready, the building can be locked up in approximately one to two weeks, depending on the size of the build team, the site location, choice of cladding and of course the weather. To obtain approval to occupy will depend on things such as waste water drainage being connected and some interior requirements such as; provision of cooking facilities, washing facilities and sleeping areas. An electricity connection is not mandatory, and it's worth noting that in a remote location, gas is a viable option for nearly everything.

Can I erect the building myself?

With some common sense, a little building knowledge, and some power tools - you can do it!, and if you have any hesiatations, we're happy to help by assisting you with any queries you may have!

Do you provide a Construction Manual?

We are currently in the process of compiling a comprehensive construction manual. Our manual will be the result of throughly documented erections of our own buildings. We hope to provide a manaul that's simple to follow, full of handy tip's and all in 'laymen's terms'. In the meantime, we are happy to assist you, on-site and in-person if required!

If I purchase the 'kit' only, is everything pre-cut and ready to assemble?

The majority of our components i.e. the roof, wall and sub floor panels are all prefabricated and ready to fasten immediately. All roofing, gutters, downpipes, barges and flashings are normally supplied with a 'little to spare' (to be on the safe side) and some cutting will generally be required. Cladding comes in easy to fix sizes however will need to be trimmed to fit around windows and doors. Flooring, and verandah decking is oversized and will need to be trimmed to fit. A comprehensive material/'cut' list is supplied so you know exatcly what goes where.

Can I use a concrete slab?

Missing Link's buildings are ideally suited to a well insulated steel framed floor structure (particularly to keep costs down on irregular or steep sloping sites). However it can just as easily, and quickly be erected on your concrete slab. If you are unsure of what you would like, please feel free to discuss this with us.

Do I need power on at the build site?

No, if we are constructing the building for you, we are able to arrange supply of a generator (at cost).

Do I need a Soil Test?

Yes in most cases, please refer to step 7 in our Getting Started section.

Do you provide after lock-up advice?

Yes! We will do our best to assist you in any way we possibly can after the 'lock-up' process is completed.

What do I need to do after lock-up?

Once your missing link is 'locked-up' we can assist you in relation to all the services and trades you will require to complete your project, such as;

  • Internal cladding
  • Joinery, kitchens, cupboards etc...
  • Electrical installation
  • Plumbing work, i.e. water storage, gas piping etc...

For further resources and associated web links please visit our Links & Resources page.

What about bushfire protection?

We can advise you of the current bushfire protection requirements of the local council where you wish to build and the overall requirements and recommendations of the State Fire Service. These recommendations can be incorporated during construction. A free informative DVD from the Tasmanian Fire Services is available from us upon request (Tasmania only), or you can request your own copy directly from the TFS.

Can I choose my own window supplier?

Yes, provided your window supplier manufactures windows according to AS1288 (Australian Standard for Glazing). Please talk to us about this, as there may be an extra cost involved if there needs to be substantial structural changes (also see 'Can I make changes to the design?').

Are the any extra costs involved?

Please refer to our What's Included page for what is included with your Missing Link building.

What is 'lock-up'?

Section 40 of the Domestic Building Contracts Act of 1995 states “Lock-up stage means the stage when a home's external wall cladding and roof covering is fixed, the flooring is laid and external doors and external windows are fixed (even if those doors or windows are only temporary)”. However when we build our buildings to ‘lock up’ for you (through an accredited builder), we ensure the windows and doors are permanently fixed, decking is down, gutters on, floor insulation is in etc.

Do you supply a warranty with your buildings?

All wall and roof frames can be covered by the BlueScope Steel Warranty for 50 years. This warranty must be applied for from BlueScope Steel, please talk to us if you require assistance with this.

Why Steel?

Steel framing has long been accepted as a premier construction material. It is competitive in cost, has zero maintenance, and has many practical benefits for example;

  • It's 100% recyclable, and a surprising percentage of steel products currently produced in Australia use recycled material.
  • It's electrically safe, doesn't burn, and is less susceptible to attack by bushfire.
  • It's light, strong, easy to handle and install.
  • It does not shrink, is straight and true which means less chance of plaster cracks or sticking doors.
  • It does not require toxic chemical treatments often used to protect other framing systems.
  • In our case, buildings are made with computer aided precision, therefore minimal wastage.
  • It carries the respected BlueScope steel warranty.

Steel framing has long been accepted as a premier construction material. It is competitive in cost, has zero maintenance, and has many practical benefits for example;




If you have a question not covered in this FAQ please contact us using the form below.

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