You Build It

The following guide is under the presumption that we help you to a point where you can begin the building process, please note that this is not necessary and if you wish to carry out some of these tasks on your own accord you are more than welcome to.

1. Liaise and consult with us to establish you requirements and preferences.

2. Site visit. We come to the site where you wish to erect the building to discuss the most suitable location and orientation of building, and ensure your building complies with the local councils planning scheme, and therefore is permitted to be built.

3. Further consultation to finalise design details.

4. Plans are produced to your desired configuration (i.e. mirror reverse).

5. Quotation, customized to your requirements and preferences.

6. On acceptance of the quotation, the Sale Contract is signed and we require a small deposit of 5% of the total cost of the building to cover many things including specific documentation, incorporation of changes etc. This deposit is incorporated into the overall quote.

7. Site classification and geotech assessment of wastewater disposal is made. This fee is payable by you, however this step is not required if your building is to be used solely as a studio or workshop (Building classification class 10).

8. Submission of preliminary documentation to council for planning approval. This fee is payable by you.

9. Planning approval obtained from council.

10. Plans are checked & signed off by engineer. This cost is paid for by Missing Link Cabins and Cottages.

11. Obtain certificate of likely compliance from building surveyor. This fee is payable by you.

12. Submission of plans to council for building approval. This fee is payable by you.

13. Council approves plans (any issues raised by council are resolved).

14. Council issues building & plumbing permits.

15. All permits and certificates have now been obtained, and 35% of the total cost of the building is paid to begin manufacturing processes.

16. All components are checked prior to delivery.

17. Another payment of 60% is made prior to delivery of building to site.

18. Building & components are transported to site and signed for.

We can assist you with information regarding the requirements you must meet (i.e. insulation, plumbing etc) prior to occupancy of the building.

Have any questions? Please visit our F.A.Q page or contact us!

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