Model House Area Building Footprint Bedrooms Lock Up Price Completion Price
The Entertainer 51.2 m² (5.51sq) 44.4 m² (4.77sq) 2 $POA
The Companion 60.4 m² (6.50sq) 42.5 m² (4.57sq) 1 $POA $POA
The Viewpoint 83.2 m² (8.95sq) 47.8 m² (5.14sq) 2-4 $POA $POA
The Comfortier 84.1 m² (9.05sq) 58.4 m² (6.28sq) 2 $POA $POA
The Easyrest  84.5 m² (9.09sq)  58.8 m² (6.32sq)  2 $POA $POA
The Square  93.0 m² (10.01sq)  57.0 m² (6.13sq)  3 $POA $POA


Don’t see anything for you? Our building methods are highly adaptable, please talk to us if you think we may be able help you achieve your desired results.

Why Two Storey?

We have chosen to employ a two storey configuration in all of our current designs for a number of reasons, including;

  • For a given usable space the buildings occupy a smaller footprint.
  • It has lower roof and foundation costs for a given usable area.
  • It has potential for significantly lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Can make better use of a view if there is one (and possibly gain one if there isn’t!).

Why Steel?

After a lot of consideration and research we have chosen steel as our primary construction material for the following reasons;

  • It’s 100% recyclable, and a surprising percentage of steel products currently produced in Australia use recycled material.
  • It’s electrically safe, doesn’t burn, and is less susceptible to attack by bushfire.
  • It’s light, strong, easy to handle and install.
  • It does not shrink, is straight and true which means less chance of plaster cracks or sticking doors.
  • It does not require toxic chemical treatments often used to protect other framing systems.
  • In our case, buildings are made with computer aided precision, therefore minimal wastage.
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